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step down ring?

ok im just about ready to order all my pieces for the fc-e9.
one last qquestion.

i use a fuji finepix s9000. it has a 58mm thread
the fc-e9 has a 46mm thread.

will this step down ring work to connect the two?

Im going to use the fc-e9 bracket with the extension tube to rotate.
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Sounds right. Your talking about a 58mm thread on an adapter tube right? Most fuji cameras have a metal tube which you screw over the lens rather than attaching a screw on lens directly to the camera.

Hmm now I look at it its not clear the the fuji s9000 has an thread around the lens but just on the tip of the lens. Don't know if this is right? But if so bare in mind the fc-e9 weighs 500g so you would have to be very very carefull and may have trouble using the zoom and such. Does not look ideal I'm afraid.