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Thinking of Trading Up (lens) Finally

I've been shooting with a CoolPix 950 and a FC-E8 since the beginning of time. I have a Digital Rebel XT, so I'm thinking I might as well think about getting a fisheye lense for it.

First Question: Is there a lens out there that won't break the bank? Shelling out $900 would be fine if I was making any money at this, but I'm not. It's more of a hobby than anything else. I shoot panos maybe once a year.

Second Question: Is there a market out there for my FC-E8? Is eBay the best way to go to sell something like this?

- Scott
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I have a friend that is using a Canon XT with Tokina 10-17?  at 10mm.  Its a 180 degree diagonal fisheye.  He takes 6 images no top or bottom. Its about as sharp as the Nikon 10.5mm lens.  So in Panoweaver you would use the 'Full Frame' option. 

You can do a google search for the Tokina for pricing.  Im thinking around the $600 to $650 price range.


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The cheapo option is the peleng 8mm which is a russian fisheye similar to the sigma 8mm but manual everything and worse flare, sometimes slightly sharper though. Many people have reported very nice results. Look like it is available delivered for about 300 euros on ebay. Don't know about import tax.

If you packaged up your 950 as a virtual tour package with some nice examples on ebay you might get 200 euros or so for it with luck. You could try and get one of the nikon wide angle adaptors as well which go for next to nothing now to make it a complete package. People sometimes bid silly money just because it says ipix virtual tour or whatever even if it includes no software.

Oh I notice you are in the united states, sorry, saw your link as scotspain and thought you must be in spain... Well above still applies I guess. Incidentally sigma is more like 600 dollars from amazon and places. You could always sell your stuff and then see if you can afford a peleng or a sigma. Or indeed a tokina inbetween though that requires more shots. Best of luck.