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Equipment Recommandation

Hi guys,

i bought a 0-360 panoramic optic (only 115 vertical fov) a few years ago and only used it professionaly twice.

i shot a 2 000 000$ house and with that optic i was not able to shoot ceiling correctly. (cause vertical fov)

then i told myself that a full 360x180 solution would be better for me if i want to take this seriously and start a new business in virtual tours.

could you recommand me a very good setup and consider it will be used to make money.

currently, based on reading this forum + this web site, i think i would buy:

Canon EOS 30D
Sigma 8mm fisheye
Agnos Mrotator TCPShort pano head

I currently have a manfrotto tripod with 141rc head, is it good or do i have to buy the 190cl ?

is there better solutions ?

is it good to wait for the 40D ? i will probably by equipements in august/september...

canon vs nikon ?

i currently have a canon pro1, may i use it or 30d slr will produce really better results ?

plus, could you point me to a good website that explain how to shoot 360x180 panoramas cause i'm not sure i understand correctly.

is it 2 or 3 shots + top and bottom ? so 5 or 6 shots ?

thanks in advance.
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Hi Slinky

I will try to give you the best advice I can. But please notice that there are many other members of this forum that are much more experienced then me.

In regards to wich set up you are using, it depends on serveral aspects.

1) What is your budget

2) How skilled are you

3) For what purpose are you going to make panoramas?

4) Consider what workflow you will prefer.

You shoulddefinately buy a dslr camera. If it is a nikon or Canon will depend on your preferences. If you already know how to operate a canon, I would stick to that. I honestly do not think there is a huge difference in Canon and Nikon (I know some people will disagree with me on this one)

I think the set up you describe your self with a canon, sigma 8mm and agnos tcpshort is a good choice. If you can afford it you' ll might consider upgrading the camera to a canon5d. It is full screen and youll be able to a 3-shoot panorama. This will effect your workflow. If you are targeting realtors, your time will be valuable and the faster you can shoot the pictures and process them, the more money you make (time is money).

Besides investing in new equipment you should also invest some of your time in improving your skills both behind the camera and  in front of your computer.

If you want the fastest possible learning curve, youll might consider some tuition from Smooth who is also a forum member. Many people in here who have been tutored by him say it is worth every penny. He can also help you with the best possible set up for your needs.

And otherwise this forum is a great place to learn and improve your skills.


Best regards

Morten Andersen
- a newbie trying to improve
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Take time to read these forums in depth, especially the Panoweaver forum. Notice that there is a drop-down menu which allows you to select posts by age. Select "ALL" and read from most recent to oldest. You'll find a wealth of information to aid you in setting up your equipment, finding the nodal point, correct shooting procedures, bracketing, etc. Of course, the most recent posts will provide current info about the latest equipment. You will quickly discover that some of the most valuable and reliable advice is contained in posts by 360Texas and Smooth360.
Your question about using your Canon Pro 1 causes me to remind you that, for panorama work, you must be careful to select a camera, lens, rotator, and software that are designed to work together. I am not aware that there is either a fisheye lens or a rotator designed to work with the Canon Pro 1. Certainly, the Sigma 8mm lens is built with a limited number of mounts, all of which are SLR/DSLR mounts, and not appropriate for the Canon Pro 1.
As you have already discovered, the Canon 30D, Sigma 8mm fisheye and Agnos Mrotator TCPShort rotator are a popular combination with Easypano users. You can use your current tripod as long as it has a 3/8" screw. Otherwise you'll need a 1/4 - 3/8" adapter. If the full-frame Canon 5D is within your budget, Wide-Eyes' advice is certainly good advice. However, if you are purchasing a camera strictly for panorama work with a fisheye lens, a camera such as the Canon 5D is probably overkill. On the other hand, if the camera will also be used for traditional professional photography, the 5D makes more sense. If your budget is tight, you might want to consider the Canon Digital Rebel XTi (400D). And since you are not planning to purchase for a month or two, keep abreast of the latest technology and prices. Consider also, that as soon as the 40D is available, the 30D and the Rebel XTi will drop in price.
Good luck!
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