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Nikon 8800 or D200?

I need help to choose the right equipment please.

I already have a Nikon Coolpix 5700 and an FC-E9 lens. It produces good results at about 4/5 million pixels but I want to upgrade.

This is where it gets tricky.

I can upgrade to a Nikon 8800 with 8 mill pixels for about 200 UK Pounds.


I can buy a Sigma or Nikon lens for a D200 (which we also have for stills). That would be about 5- 600 UK or double the price.

There would be a 2 million pixel difference between the 8800 and the D200. Do you think that it would be noticeable and what would you choose?

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#2 is   368.99 delivered for a grey market sigma 8mm f3.5 they have a good reputation and guarantee you won't get stuck with any import taxes. About another ten pounds for a nikon lens.

Peleng 8mm off ebay about 150 flary in light but no worse than fc-e9 and a very sharp lens.

Nikon 8800 for 200 is probably second hand and will be signifcantly worse quality than all the above as well as slower to shoot. The extra two million pixels are not really comparable like you mean.
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Shoot RAW and yes its noticable.  D200 fitted with Sigma 8mm. 
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