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How is it possible?

I have read comments online from a lot of people claiming to be taking 2 shot 360 degree panos with the FC-E9 lens.

Personally I have an FC-E9 attached to a CP-8800 and I find it impossible to stitch a pano properly with only two photos, in fact I believe that the specs on the lens are "near 180 degrees" something more like 178 or 179. Which of course leaves you with a circular band in the finished product.

Now I've also read plenty of posts by people confirming my experience, that it is impossible to stitch a pano using only two images from a FC-E9.

So why are there so many people claiming that is what they do? Anyone have any insight on this?

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The FC-E9 is a 190 degree lens when fitted to certain model Nikon Coolpix cameras. On others it is reduced to under 180 degrees. The Nikon website covers exactly what each model gives as far as FOV when using a FC-E9.

Regardless, 3 shots will always be superior when shooting with this lens as the vignetting light fall off and sharpness is quite bad at the edges with the centre of the fisheye image the sharpest part. Stitching three shots together means you will get the sharpest panorama results from this lens.

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