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Nikon FC-E9 Fisheye Lens Backup

Currently, I am successfully creating Virutal Tours and makng money using Easypano, a Nikon 8700 Coolpix camera, an old IPIX rotator on a tripod, and a Fisheye Lens (Nikon FC-E9).

My stuff is getting kinda old, so I started looking for a backup Fisheye Lens.

On e-bay I got up to about $300 for the FC-E9 and stopped.

Is there another newer camera/fisheye lens combo that would be just as good, that I could buy and use as a backup to my present stuff?  In other words, what are some good camera and fisheye lens combos that work well that soembody could recommend?




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These days it is better to move up to DSLR cameras and lens as the price has dropped and the quality far exceeds what any of the prosumer models could ever do.

Basically, you need a Canon 400D/Rebel XTi or Nikon D40x fitted with a Sigma 8mm or Nikkor 10.5mm Fisheye. That is the cheapest way in using new equipment. Of course you could go with a secondhand DSLR body like a Canon 300D, 350D or Nikon D70, D50 etc.

If you are lucky you might be able to get a better quality secondhand Canon 10D, 20D or Nikon D200 with magnesium body and all the other things that made them a pro camera over the plastic models.

As for the best of the prosumers at the moment it appears to be the Nikon P5100 and Nikon FC-E8. Quality? nothing when compared to the DSLR and superior glass using the SLR lenses.

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