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Can anyone give me advice on what type of lighting equipment I should get for just taking regular shots inside of a home. (not panaramic shots). I want a proffesional look.
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i would suggest you to use reflectors and natural light...

and in some cases to use software such as CS3 or PhotoMatrix to create HDR images...


Good luck

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Thanks for that post Fitz. Very interesting articals, I think the second one is the best for what we do. Picked up a few tricks for myself.
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This is what I do for video- I have 3 clamp lights and I go back and forth between different bulbs - the GE natural light bulbs do a good job simulating sunlight. You can get 3 clamp lights for about 20 bucks and another 10 bucks in bulbs.   Experiment with different bulbs and see what you think. For a 30 dollar light kit you can't go wrong. I also agree with livingNC - always use Natural light with reflectors over artificial light. This will yield the best results. But sometimes you don't have any natural light.