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Fixing Chromatic Aberration

Shooting panoramas with a wide-angle or fisheye lens aways results in some Chromatic Aberration/Colour Shift and yes this can be corrected. As you can see in the sample image it should be because it detracts from the full potential of your panorama.

Predominantly what you are seeing is "purple fringing" around the tree, branches and street lamp.

It is possible to correct this to some extent with many software packages including Adobe Camera Raw/Lightroom, PTlens, Nikon Capture, Canon Photo Profressional and just about any RAW processing software worth it's salt. In this case I have used a new Photoshop plug-in from FM Digital Darkroom called Color Fringing RX that has proven to be better at the job then most other methods I have come across.

This came about whilst offering help on another forum

Regards, Smooth