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My beginner set up, any thoughts?

Hi guys,

I have recently found some free time and thought I would try to my hand at a virtual tour business. I have an interest in photography and I'm an active RE investor with  plenty of contacts in the industry to get things off the ground.

I have been searching this site and think I have put together a list of required equipment to get things going. Please let me know if I have left out anything or if money would be better spent on something else, etc..

-Canon eos rebel xt (already own)

-sigma 8mm f/3.5 ex dg lens

-nodal ninja nn3 mk2

-manfrotto 055xdb tripod

-studio 2007 software

I have given myself a start up budget of 3k and this is to include domain name, website, equipment, advertising, etc...Is there any other software must have's like photoshop? Would I be better off going with an agnos pano over the nn3?

thanks in advance!



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Can't help with the camera equipment as I use Nikon. As for the Agnos over the nn3, I use the Agnos and have just ordered a new one for my new Nikon set-up. I got a 10% discount by mentioning "Smooth" in an email to them. I think most on this forum recommend Agnos but have seen no complaints about the other one.
In your budget don't forget the programs you will need, tourweaver, panoweaver, photoshop and other programs you will find along the way to make life easier.
Good luck.
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For hardware, you could refer to the equipment chart on Easypano website, as for studio 2007, if your budget is limited and you are interested in purchasing studio, please send me a private message and we could discuss it further. Thanks.

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