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Nikon D300 owners......

As I had mentioned in an earlier post I ordered a training video dealing with the D300. As promised I am reporting back on the content and quality of the video.
If you have recently purchased the D300 or if you have had one for a while you probably don't know everything this camera will do. If you know or think you know everything about this camera then I'm sure you have many many hours invested in learning all the features. I can say after watching, just once, this 3 hour 2 part DVD I feel very comfortable making changes in the menus and working with the D300. I can say this having never owned a DSLR before. As a matter of fact the sales person where I purchased the camera is a D300 owner. I ask her several questions about the camera before I purchased it and she had to go to the book and still could not answer my questions. If you are like me, watching a DVD is much easier and I retain more than I ever would by reading the 400+ page manual. I'm sure I will be watching the DVDs again very soon as it does, as advertised, cover everything about the camera's menus and sub-menus and features. The DVDs are very good quality, non-scripted and easy to understand. They don't try to talk over your head. The price was reasonable $55US and I received them in about 4 days.
For anyone interested here is the link.
They also have DVDs for other cameras.
Hope this helps some of you that, like me, are struggling with all this new technology.
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