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Exposure and AE Lock


We are using an:
Rebel XTI with a Sigma 3.5 lens

We were shooting in a/v mode and adjusting the F/stop to match the shutter speed on each shot. But this resulted in inconsistant exposures. (most likely because we are extreme beginners to the camera)

So we are no in manual mode, and I believe have figured out how to do AE Lock, but read in the manual that it only lasts for 4 seconds? Is this true? Seems impossible to take the 4, + T in that time frame. ;)

Is there a specific AF mode we should be in as well when doing this? Sorry for all of the questions but just really trying to understand the guts of this stuff. ;)


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I'm not familiar with the cannon products but I ordered a DVD for my new Nikon D300 and it covered EVERYTHING about my camera. They also have DVD's for the Rebel XTI. If interested here is the link, on sale now for $49.95.
Mine was a great DVD, high quality and I learned more in the 3 hours of DVD than I would on my own in a year of playing with it.
Just thought I would throw this in.

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