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One thing to add to Smooths post.

First let me say I have no where near the knowledge that Smooth has with photography and shooting panos. So with that said I do hope that my buddy Smooth takes no offense to this.

Yes I would also recommend the Canon line. However, I would go with the 400D (XT-i) as it uses the CF card format. I know that one day I will upgrade to the full frame 5D and it too uses the CF card format. So if you should choose the 450d(XSi) you will have all of these SD cards that will be of no use, unless the next generation 5D uses this type of card.

Just a thought when shopping.

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That is a valid point that Pixel makes but it's at the expense of Live View and the other improvements of the 450D/XSi.

Memory is very cheap these days so wouldn't be a deciding factor for me. But these are all things to be considered.

Regards, Smooth