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Laptop Screen Calibration

Can anyone recommend a good hardware/software screen calibration system to calibrate a laptop screen?  I have a newish Dell XPS laptop that uses an LED light system.  It give me a very bright screen, but not sure I'm getting an accurate representation of what others might see on their monitors.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Calibration has a cost :

There are few calibration systems on the market which are ok to calibrate monitors although laptop screen are not especially recommended to be used in color calibration

If you are keen on color calibration you 'd rather take a Eizo or LaCie monitor but they are expensive and I ma not quite sure it's worth investing such a money for your project.

Hardwarewise : two type are used for color calibration : colorimeter or spectrophotometer which are more expensive.

For simple calibration you can use
Spyder from datacolor (colorimeter type)
Colormunki photo (or design) from x rite (spectrophotometer type)
i1 from xrite which is by far the best calibration system on the market and comes with a spectrophotometer but it's expensive/

The purpose of calibrating :

Those system are helpfull either to calibrate the screen and the printed photo (for rvb calibration / rvb inkjet printer) or the screen and the screen and the printed material (for CMYK printer / scanner).

They calibrate your own workflow but there is no guarantee that the other see the same since there are some many computers and displays (led, oled...) which can vary a lot in term of color/ warm : a lcd display will vary a lot in term of color rendition if you pay 100$ or 700$

Since you want basic color correction you could go for a basic spyder colorimeter or the more advances colormunki if you wish.