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Ango's RingT8S4 and Rotator "T"

Like most panographers, I've upgraded my equipment along the way to hopefully achieve the best image quality, stiching  results and workflow. Years ago used the little Nikon with an FC-E9 and the Ango's mrotator; currently am using a Canon 5D and the Sigma 8mm solution. I have a couple of pan heads, but keep going back to my Peace River Studios unit for precision, size and ease of use.

I really liked the Ango's head that my old little Nikon rig had -- am considering their RingT8S4 and Rotator "T" for my Canon 5D/Sigma -- anyone have experience with this unit? Does it put too much weight on the lens? Any other solutions that would be better?

I have a Manfrotto 303, that while precise, is a tank and puts a ton of  gear in the frame when using a fisheye. Mostly I use this with a Canon 14mm L when extreme sharpness is needed. Usually I (and  my clients) prefer fully immersive fisheye captures.

Thanks for any imput...

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I have and use the Agnos RingT and RotatorM and it is one of my favoured set ups. Canon 5D and Sigma 8mm Fisheye 3 shots and your done.

I wouldn't stress about the mount I have used mine with a Battery Grip for at least 2 years or near enough. 

Like I said it's great and works very well on  an elevated pole or monopod also.

Regards, Smooth

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I also use the agnos RingT with my Nikon setup. You just can't beat the Agnos equipment! When you order don't forget to mention Smooth and you will get a small discount. My discount was enough to cover my shipping.
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