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Removing/re-attaching camera to various p

Ok, I REALLY like this video tutorial, as it adds narration.

Make a Quicktime VR in 10 Minutes

Having said that, and still checking out various pano heads, I notice that this guy attaches the camera fairly quick and does not adjust the nodal point. I presume he did this once already for the camera/lens combination.

But what I like is each time he attaches the camera, it appears he does not have to redo- the nodal points. I like that feature, so the stupid question of the day is, is that pretty much the same with the recommended Mrotator or the new Nodal Ninja?

The rotator head itself in this video is a slick one, but not at almost $900 USD!

With the Sigma 8mm F3.5 I am going to get per Smooth's recommendation to go along with the Nikon D300 in its way, I presume that for a full 360x180 spherical, one does not need to capture images in a series of rows. If that is the case, why by a rotator head that has a second arm that rotates in a vertical plane?

That would just seem to add to the cost, complexity and weight, which on airlines now a huge issue. I travel to exotic tropical destinations and I spend over an hour with a scale and 3 checked bags.
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First off, it is NOT the nodal point you rotate around but rather the NPP (No Parallax point) or EP entrance pupil. All references to rotating around the nodal point are misconceptions. Every lens contains (2) nodal points and neither are the point of which you need to rotate/pivot around. That said, there is no fixed NPP for a fisheye lens because of the curvature of the lens and way the light hits it. Fisheye's have what we call a floating entrance pupil.

As far as panoheads are concerned. They can be as simply as a home made piece of bent steel right up to camera/lens specific models where it is impossible to incorrectly fit your camera and lens position. So you have the option to spend as little or as much as you wish.

That said, the best option in all probability is a mount that fixes to the lens rather that the camera and one which you can leave in place. The first to offer these designs was Agnos with the RingT and also BoPhoto. Since then the "so called" experts who sell the ridiculously priced panoheads have "finally" seen the light and released lens grip models. Nodal Ninja have now released their adaptations of this design and this may be your best choice for location, design, weight and price?

Most here have supported Agnos because the customer service has been great the product works and Agnos has supported Easypano customers right from the very start and in return we offered loyalty. The RingT design is to my knowledge still the only set-up that can be used solely by itself on a rotator or can be added to the MrotatorTCPs for the best of both worlds.

Your options are wide and varied and ultimately the decision is yours.

Regards, Smooth