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Canon DSLR Camera For Sale (1)

Canon EOS 10D Camera with BG-ED3 Battery Grip
Comes complete in "as new unmarked" condition with (2) genuine batteries.

All in original boxes with:

  • Camera Strap
  • Battery Charger
  • Instruction Manual
  • Canon CD and Adobe Photoshop Elements Software
  • Sandisk Compact Flash Card

I purchased this camera brand new and it (and all the contents) have been kept in pristine condition.
I 100% guarantee it has shot well under 6000 shots. This can be confirmed with a Canon clean & service (at purchasers expense).

OK, so it's not the most modern model. But it was once the flagship APS-C sensor Canon DSLR and still very capable. At 6.3 megapixel it is still capable of 8000x4000 (with Samyang 8mm Fisheye) or 7000x3500 (with Sigma 8mm Fisheye) full 360x180 panoramas with the huge advantage of shooting with a CMOS sensor and the option of shooting both JPG and RAW files.

Selling only because I have way, waaaaaaaaaaay too much equipment.

Asking only $350.00 USD + Postage and will include 1 hour of Photoshop RAW processing tuition ($75.00 USD Value).

Purchaser will not be disappointed with condition or performance.

If your interested in this, more photos, information or other equipment I have for sale, please contact me via Private Message

Extra: Can offer a Kirk camera plate to suit BG-ED3 for perfect Arca Swiss mounting at extra charge.

Regards, Smooth [8D]

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If you are chasing a full panohead set up I can offer the following:

  • Canon 10D Camera
  • Samyang (Falcon Branded) 8mm Fisheye Lens
  • BG-ED3 Battery Grip with 2 Genuine Canon batteries
  • Genuine Sandisk Compact Flash Card
  • Twin Axis Hot Shoe Bubble Level
  • Kirk Camera Plate
  • Nodal Ninja 5 Panohead
  • Nodal Ninja Quick Release
  • 1 Hour RAW Tuition

All fully calibrated ready to shoot. No hassle, no need to find NPP. Just unpack and start shooting.

All cost $1300.00 USD + Postage.

Regards, Smooth [8D]