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Loud sounds of water slapping the sides of the boat

Loud sounds of water slapping the sides of the boat mingled with shouted orders from the crew suddenly ceased as Lynn dropped like a stone into the mystic water. the enveloping quiet was interrupted only by the murmuring of the air escaping the breathing apparatus. Filtered green light passed over a school of fish, rippling their multihued sides. A sea horse drifted by, suspended vertically in the glass like water, cilia vibrating to an unseen aria. Suddenly aware of her watcher and frightened by the flash of her camera, the creature straightened its curved spine and doubled its speed in a horizontal mode Xenon Car Headlights Manufacturers.

Thirty minutes later, her digital camera nearly filled, Lynn dripped on the deck, shedding various equipment like a horseshoe crab. The two weeks were too soon gone, relegated to that unchangeable past time, to exist only in the pages of her albums. Lynn refused to dwell on the coming days of work chores, preferring to extract every pleasurable second of her fantasy voyage.

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