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Panowalker unable to launch


I just downloaded a trial of panowalker, however after installation, when I try to launch the app, it pop up an error message: "Unknown error: failed to launch".

Does anyone have the same issue? I'm using win7-64bit on i5 PC. thanks.
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Hi richfever,

Sorry about late reply .

Here is a new one and we fix the problem for you .Please download and released it then install this one

Best regards

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I encountered the same problem as "richfever". I have tried download the fixed version but the same error popup. I'm also using win7-64bit i5 PC.

Please help.

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Thanks for your support of easypano products. Could you please change the time zone(Not UTC+8:00) and language(Not Chinese) of your computer, and then try to launch the APP again.


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