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Optimized HTML5 features in updated virtual tour software

Dear Easypano Friends,

Feedback from our users were received immediately after full version of Tourweaver7.5 is released. All the suggestions are highly appreciated and we take immediate response to optimize the virtual tour software concerning those suggestions. Details of optimized features can be found below:

[+]Gyro effect can be turned on or turned off.
[+]Draging mode is supported so that scene rotation direction can be designed as you like when dragging the scene on screen of tablets or smart phones.
[-]Optimize the presentation of small image in thumbnail of html5 virtual tour.
[-]Rosolve the issue of not showing toolbar in Html5 virtual tour.
[+]Scene will rotate automatically in Html5 virtual tour.
[+]Small images in thumbnail can be scrolled with finger on tablets or smart phones.
[*]Defaulted toolbar in Html5 virtualtour is beautified.

To experience these new features, you can download the software at

Best regards

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Hello Jack

there is a server error with the link given above. (There is an additional . at the end) Use this link to download the software...



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