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EP-SKY in New Facelift is online now, the previous EP-Sky will stop update and close in 1 month

Dear Easypano friends,

Easypano has revised and released the brand new EP-SKY today.

The New EP-SKY integrated ieasypano and EP-SKY together and starts the redeem credits system. Now, you can not only download virtual tour elements as before, you may also share panorama and virtual tour at Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Besides, you can exchange your accumulated credits for more Easypano virtual reality products.

Come on to experience our brand new EP-SKY!

Best regards

The Virual Tour Way
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Ep sky is providing us many new facelift which is online now. And the previous ep sky will stop update and close in 1 month due to a biggest problems in To remove this problem they just change the version of this thing and may be this is best for them to safe their time.
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If you want to check the details then you must see this whole information for us.And we can easily understand the of the working rates. And hope we are trying to get more knowledge about the working and here is the best thing for us which we need more for us.