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A progressive step of Easypano panorama stitching software

A free updated version of Panoweaver8,Panoweaver8.50, begins to serve Easypano users. New features in this editionwould make you feel the software more user-friendly.

Updated features:

[ + Added feature ]
[ - Bug fixed]
[ * Improved/changed feature ]

[+]Support Gyro effect.

[+]HTML 5 virtual tour can be viewed onIE10 and Chrome21 or later version.

[+]Resume auto rotation after pausing for afew seconds in Flash VR.

[*]Optimized algorithm for supporting NEXor Raynox lens.

[*]Hotspot hidden under little planet modein Flash VR.

[*]Updated Raw file library.

[*]Modified create new project of batchingprocessing.

[-]Addressed rotating consistency issue ofFlash VR and HTML 5 VR.

[-]Addressed the problem of sporadicallymissing button for adding hotspot.

[-]Addressed the problem of importing bmpor png panoramic image.

[-]Addressed the error in saving therotation information of source images.

[-]Fixed the bug of hidden action in Flashbar.


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Hope this site stays active, at least long enough for me to do everything.

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One step closer to Easypano panoramic photo software, the software is great. I love this software.


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