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New age of virtual tour

Huge change of Tourweaver, professional virtual tour software of Easypano, is underway. Tourweaver 7.7 Beta,

as the first milestone, is released.

RevolutionaryFlash& HTML5 Panorama Player

In Tourweaver7.7 Beta, the player is thoroughly rewritten and totally new. Users would have a fantastic experience

of viewing interactive virtual tours on PC,Mac, smart phones and tablets.

Samplecreated by Tourweaver7.7 Beta


Multi-resolution is another new feature that highlights Tourweaver7.70 Beta. As we know, it is difficult to load

very large images because it demands a large memory and time-consuming. Multi-resolution loading makes it

possible to view very large images quick and fast and with less memory. Tourweaver7.7 Beta can support 200

megapixels at present and we are developing to support gigapixel size or more.

Extensivenew features are not listed here, such as slideshow image group in fly-out media and hotspot addition

via drag and drop operation.

Note: 1.Tourweaver7.7 Beta is totally free for Tourweaver 7.x users. The license key of Tourweaver

7.x can be used directly to activate the software.

2. Since Tourweaver7.7 is still beta version, anysuggestions or feedback would be highly appreciated


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Congratulations! I greatly appreciate your ongoing work to continually improve and enhance Tourweaver.

Tom VB

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I try and so far it looks good.



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I hope that Mac has also Tourweaver 7.7 version :)

You do a great job with Tourweaver and we love it! but 7.0 version still not working correctly in Mac


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Nice to see your ongoing work and I appreciate your work. keep doing well.

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I appreciate your effort..Keep going


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Well thanks for letting us know about it is great to see this here

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