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Tourweaver 7.90 is Officially Released!

Tourweaver 7.90 is officially released today.

We have developed many functions as expected.

What's new:

[+]Poping up PDF file is supported in Button, Image, Hotspot and Text
[+]More style selections in Thumbnail, Loading Window, Hotspot, Radar and Tool Bar
[+]HTML5 format Support WebGL player
[+]Action with "Walk through" effect is added for HTML5 tour
[*]Optimize Fly-out Media window style  
[*]Optimize image loading speed to 30% after checking "Slice Display" in publish panel
[*]Visual components like Flash, Video, Compass, Sound Controller and Speed Controllers

And other friendly features...

Please keep your tourweaver updated.

Hope to hear your feedback!

The Virual Tour Way
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Thanks for sharing. It's too bad that I saw it just now. Your visual components like Flash, Video, Sound and Speed Controllers are awesome. It's such a splinter in the ass when you can't rely on tools you have to use on a daily basis. It's a blessing that there is no such issues with your product. You simply remove anal warts for me. Thanks a lot. Looking forward for new release.

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