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Tourweaver 7.98:Portuguese, Russian and Turkish are now available!

Tourweaver 7.98 comes out! Click here to try them out
Let's have a quick review of several new features in this updated version:
Portuguese, Russian and Turkish are available now!  
Until now,  English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish version of Tourweaver are released. And we are translating more languages, French, Spanish, etc., they are coming soon.
If you are interested in translating your own Tourweaver and Panoweaver, please contact with us at
Besides, it will be highly appreciated if you find any translation errors in current version and help us to correct them.
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Moreover,  Tourweaver 7.98 is more compatible with the latest operating environment, Microsoft Edge,Safari, Chrome are better supported.
Besides, the stuck-halfway error and slow-speed problem occur during publishing process are fixed in this version, because we optimize the usage of memory.
At last but not least,  you can create a specific link to go directly to a certain scene of a virtual tour(both Flash and HTML5) if you don't want to view the tour from the beginning, especially when the tour is large and with many scenes.

Detailed update information please refer to

What's new in Tourweaver 7.98:

You want to explore these useful features?  Why not installing it NOW!

Free Update: Please note that user who has already owned Tourweaver 7 license key can free update your program to the latest version.

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