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Panoweaver 9.20 160118 for Windows is officially released!

Dear Easypano Users,

Panoweaver 9.20 160118 for Windows  is officially released, try it now!

This official version improves the YPR fuction in previous Beta version based on the feedbacks we got from our customers. It's more stable and smooth when you drag the stitched panorama to adjust its horizontal and vertical level. Those customers who help us to test this version before release said the YPR fuction in this version is much more helpful to create a flawless panorama.

Besides, this version solves the problem that publish settings window doesn't show completely on low resolution screen, making it more compatible to various display devices.

Correspondingly, Studio 2016 including the latest Panoweaver 9.2 and Tourweaver 7.98 for Windows is updated as well!


You can download from here to have a test.

For more details please refer to what's new:

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My name is Lindsey and I work with the Windows Outreach Team. Jodie Whittaker 13th Doctor Coat It was announced today that the Windows 7Beta will be available soon.

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