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How to restore missing AOL DesktopGold icon?

Whenyou make several changes to your computer, it is quite normal to experiencesome difficulties in locating necessary files and folder. Same is the case withthe users who mostly confront the problem of missing AOL Desktop Gold icon. Butthe great news is you can get it back with the enlisted steps.

·       Click on the arrow icon so that hidden items can beseen

·       Your AOL Desktop Gold icon is back on your desktopscreen

Youcan also download AOL Desktop Gold once again on your device to get the icon back on its place.

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AOL desktop gold interface. Thisis the best software which has millionsof user over the world due to its user-friendly interface. To get the advantage of this software first off, downloadit and then install it. Make sure you have done complete installation because corrupted installation can cause trouble.

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