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ptscripter trouble

Hi all,

English is not my mother language so I'll try to explain what is wrong with ptscripter.

I have 9 panos that I try to manage with ptscripter (v1.2) to make a complete virtual tour.

I add all the panos to the project and link them together as I show in the attached image.

The result of this give me some trouble.

1- All the links I've made are wrong: when I clic on a link that suppose to give me one pano, it's another one that come.

2- The "fovinit" I set is not applied by ptviewer.

Is this a know bug or have I mis something ?

Thanks in advance,

Jacques Rouben 

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Joined: 2002-04-28
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I've found some solutions:

A/ When I reload the .pet file from ptscripter and re-publish the entire projet, panos links are now right !! ??

B/ I manualy change the "fovini" param. with "fov" and this work fine !!! ???

I dont whant to understand how it works.... but it works...