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Targets and text in wrong location

When I create my hot spots then view the results, the bulls-eye is above the actual hot spot - sometimes so far above that it's off the page - so it can't even be seen.  The hint text is also in the wrong place. But the hotspot itself is in the correct location! 

How can I fix this????

In this sample, the bullseye and text is about 1" above where the actual hot spot is! is where I have uploaded the project.  The site is not even close to done, but I want to get this debugged.




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Hello Rick,

Your problem arises because you are trying to use the PTVeiwer Scripter with a cylindrical panorama!

PTViewer Scripter is made for use with Spherical images e.g: 2 photo's stitched together using a "Fish Eye" lens. Typically a NIKON camera fitted with a FC-E8 fish eye apdaptor lens.

Although you can use cylindrical image with PTViewer Scripter the 'Hot Spot" feature will not work correctly.

Solution! Learn to manually insert your "Hot Spots" using the links and instructions offered at or get a Nikon Coolpix and the correct lens to make Spherical images for use in PTViewer Scripter.

Also you will need to reduce the file size of you panorama .jpg as your sample is way to large and took forever to download on my dial up connection.

Hope this help you understand!

Good luck with your ventures.

Best Regards, Smooth

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  I can think of two solutions:

 1) pad out your image at the top and bottom so the aspect ratio is 2:1 and limit the vertical field of view such that the padding doesn't show.  This works just fine ( for a first attempt) but makes for larger files and longer start times so I think it is better to

 2) Make the hot-spot much taller and keep them near the center (top/bottom).  Just stumbled on this one so will have to experiment to figure out how far off they can be.  Seems not far, but I think it can be made to work in most situations.

  It isn't just that the projection is cylindrical because the same thing happens with an equirectangular projection less than 180 degrees vertically.  I am surprised that PTViewer Scripter doesn't handle images less than 180 vert FOV - there would be a much larger market for the software if it did.

  Rick - smooth is right, you do need to cut down the size of your images.  I gave up trying to see them.