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problem with PTviewer

I have made different VR displayed with PTviewer but sometime a strange thing appear...In fact when I try to watch a pano the image are fixed and is impossible to move it and watch properly...but if I reload the page one time after is OK...This problem dont appear everytime....I have test with IE and Firefox and from 2 Pc but the problem remain....
here is my code:
<applet archive=/virtual360/java/ptviewer.jar code=ptviewer.class  width=400 height=300>
              <param name=file value=/virtual360/java/capitainerie.jpg>
              <param name="auto" value=".2">
              <param name="bar_width" value="271">
              <param name="bar_height" value="12">
              <param name="bar_x" value="65">
              <param name="bar_y" value="180">
              <param name="barcolor" value="00FF00">
              <param name="bgcolor" value="0">
              <param name="frame" value="/virtual360/java/toolsbar_medium.gif">
              <param name="shotspot0" value=" x16 y278 a34 b298 u'ptviewer:startAutoPan(-0.4,0,1)'">
              <param name="shotspot1" value=" x43 y278 a60 b298 u'ptviewer:startAutoPan(0.4,0,1)'">
              <param name="shotspot2" value=" x70 y278 a86 b298 u'ptviewer:startAutoPan(0,0.4,1)'">
              <param name="shotspot3" value=" x96 y278 a113 b298 u'ptviewer:startAutoPan(0,-0.4,1)'">
              <param name="shotspot4" value=" x123 y278 a139 b298 u'ptviewer:startAutoPan(-0.4,0.2,1)'">
              <param name="shotspot5" value=" x150 y278 a166 b298 u'ptviewer:startAutoPan(0.4,0.2,1)'">
              <param name="shotspot6" value=" x176 y278 a194 b298 u'ptviewer:startAutoPan(-0.4,-0.2,1)'">
              <param name="shotspot7" value=" x203 y278 a219 b298 u'ptviewer:startAutoPan(0.4,-0.2,1)'">
              <param name="shotspot8" value=" x245 y278 a287 b298 u'ptviewer:startAutoPan(0,0,0.99)'">
              <param name="shotspot9" value=" x295 y278 a337 b298 u'ptviewer:startAutoPan(0,0,1.01)'">
              <param name="shotspot10" value=" x366 y278 a386 b298 t'blank' u'" >
              <param name="wait" value="/virtual360/java/wait.gif">
              <param name="antialias" value="true">
              <param name="tiltmax" value="75">
              <param name="fov" value="100">
              <param name="tiltmin" value="-90">
              <param name="order" value="0,1,5,2,3,4">
              <param name="cursor" value="move">
              <param name="fovmax" value="125">
              <param name="pan" value="50">
Have you an idea why i get this problem ??

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Will you please tell us more information about your computer?

What kind of system are you in?

What kind of edition is your JRE?

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I have been experiencing what I belive is a similar issue.

The output was correct about 99% of time time, without any flaw, using JRE 1.5, and MSIE 6.0.2800.1106 with a Dell using XP Pro. and SP1. (I just tried now, and it still froze)

As soon as I got a newer version of MSIE, 6.0.2900 as well as SP2 I began to see issues, such as the image would appear to be 'locked' and I was unable to pan the image. 

My issue is that I do not know if it is actually locking up, or if it is pausing becuase it is loading.  I have tried this with version 1.4 as well as 1.5 of JRE. 

The code looks like this:

<APPLET height=300 archive=..\..\ptviewer.jar width=400 code=ptviewer.class class="room1">
<PARAM NAME="file" VALUE='images/lobby.jpg'>
<div class="room1">Lobby</div>

<APPLET height=300 archive=..\..\ptviewer.jar width=400 code=ptviewer.class style="display: none" class="room2">
<PARAM NAME="file" VALUE='images/lounge.jpg'>
<div class="room2" style="display: none">Lounge</div>

and the thumbnail links have code that looks like this:

 <span style="cursor:hand;" onClick="show_pano('room1')"><b></b><br>
 <img src="thumbs/lobby.jpg" alt="Lobby"><br>Lobby</span>

 <span style="cursor:hand;" onClick="show_pano('room2')"><b></b><br>
 <img src="thumbs/lounge.jpg" alt="Lounge"><br>Lounge</span>

Now, what I thought was happening was that since the code was having all 5 (I only showed two in the example) images show up, it was overloading the user PC or something similar, so I tried to set it up using Iframes, where each one of the five panormaics were in its own shtml page and it still did the same thing.  I dont know if it relates to the fact that i am using shtml vs html, but there are SSI's being used.

It is almost as if I click to load a new panoramic, the previous one stays, and if i try to click on it before the new one loads, it will lock, until i click on the previous one, then click on another.

I wish I could be more specific, but I am not sure what exactally is happening or why... thus, why I am here.

In addition, it works without flaw in Firefox, and multiple computers - but all of the computer I have tried it on have been imaged to the same image.

In addition, I notice that when it locks, or prevents movement of the images, a second JRE will load up in my system tray.