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Can you drive on the motorway as soon as you pass your test?

In some countries, as soon as you have passed the test, you can freely drive on the motorways. Fortunately, America is one of the lucky regions of the world where you can take your vehicle to the highways. However, one must be proficient enough to drive on the motorways. If you are an inexperienced driver, then you should not take your chances with motorway in particular.

Here’s why?

Driving on the motorway is entirely different than driving in the city. The second you step into the motorway and until the end, you cannot afford to lose your focus. You might think motorway will give you a smooth drive, however, sometimes the blink of an eye can land you in life-threatening situations.

Besides all this, if you are not skilled on the city roads, then it is not recommended to start driving on motorway right after you pass your test. However, if by any means you have to travel on motorways, then you must know how you can save yourself from danger.

Things to do before driving on Motorway

  • For the first few drives, you should ask some to supervise your driving. It will allow you to analyze your driving through fresh eyes. Some of your biggest flaws might be pointed out in this process.

  • This goes without saying that you have to abide by traffic rules at all cost. The importance of mirrors especially on motorways cannot be ignored. A side view and back view mirror will assist you in keeping a close eye on every car that passes by you. Similarly, it will help you in making safe turns, whenever required.

  • On the highway, it is highly advised that you keep a safe distance from the cars. Each day, you hear a lot of news about tragic accidents that occur due to the minor negligence of the drivers. You don’t want to face a similar situation. Therefore, you should do what you are required by the law.

It is obvious that you are strictly prohibited from driving under influence. However, you must never drive under influence especially on motorways.

Similarly, if you think, you are unable to drive due to any health condition, you must hire another driver.

What Else?

You are required to keep a minimum speed of 55mph on motorways. You have to sustain this speed limit every time you travel through this kind of path.

Remember that, driving is a journey and you might never reach your destination if you drive like there is tomorrow. If you initially take practice drives on the highways, you will rule this particular road within a short time.

A Final Word

You have to be fully aware of what you are supposed to do and what you must never do in any case. There are many motorway safety courses offered in different countries. You might as well take one course from a whole lot. To know more driving test questions and answers, you should consult experts in the field.

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