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Ptviewerscripter 1.3 don't works

Finally i have upgradet panoweaver and works fine ! (is fantastic new release)
I have upgradet ptscripter too, but don't works. (1.2 works)
My os is winxp pro.
A question: is a my problem or anyone have the same trouble?
Thanks in advance for any answer, and...
Merry Christmas to all panomakers in the world froma an italian panomaniac.
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The scripter works but fot some reason in windows xp pro it will not show you the results is you go to the output folder you will see the html file and the output folders

Just unsure why it does not preview maybe the preview feature is making a call to an unknown program or maybe its an xp permissions  issue

Any help Seaman?

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I also upgraded to 1.3 and it seems to work ok for me (Win ME), BUT there is no short cut icons created after install? I went to the installed folder and made a shortcut but it has no icon (Picture)?

Anybody else had this problem?

Regards, Smooth

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I had the same problem. No icons stored on desktop or menu bar. Also, after inserting  my own loading image and navigation image, it does not save the settings. It will hold the images as long as the program is open, but once closed and reopened it looses all information..

Seaman, I would like to make a request.

First please note: all my pages are static pages due to including an interactive floorplan with each tour.

I work all my images up in 3.0 and then save the image. I then use PTViewer to create the room for that tour. Once I have searched for the image I am looking for and then saved that room for the tour, I then go and look for my next image to create the next room for the tour. Here is my request. After I have saved room one and go back to search for the image for room two, I have to begin my search from the default settings again. Is there a way that after my search for image one is complete, and I return to search for image two, can we get it to begin my search starting where I last searched? The same folder in which the last search was completed?