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Imagemaps with PTviewer

This may be a mute question but its late and I just first started using PTviewer today.
Is there an easy way to script image maps on a webpage to change the images being shown in PTviewer?

I know how to do it using flash and quicktime but one client of mine insists that the one website visitor keeps complaining about having to download quicktime and he wants his site to not need the quicktime plugin.

I love server logs when someone complains. I was able to determine the one website visitor's ip address and found that he had visited the site 15 times over a two month period each time entering the site on the VR tour and exiting to the Apple Quicktime page. After fifteen visits to the Quicktime page he still had the gall to complain about needing a plug in. The other 7342 visitors to the tour followed the tour without issue. But this one Windows 3.11 user is complaining and the client is paying to have the change made. For what the change is costing the client he could buy the visitor a brand new top of the line G4 PowerMac. I think if it wasn't for idiots that I would go broke.
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With PTViewer Scripter and some code modifications you can have java and your images preload and view something similar to our Mexico Hotel page:

Using image maps: click the entry arrow to goto the 3Dmap then click a red dot.

All this was done on a PC, not sure how it looks using a Mac.





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