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Greetings all!

I am a newbie and I have just created my first tour! I added 3 hotspots to my inital page and published the result to a folder with the ptviewer. I was wondering if I can now email this folder - which consists of a Pan folder, a res folder, the html file and the ptviewr jar file. If I can what do I need to send in the email (all files & folders?) and what order should the recipient download these files. Any suggestions?

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Sure, you can email them.....but remember the file size may be large!

You will need to .zip up the folder using "Winzip" or "Zipmagic" or simular then attach the *.zip folder to your email.

Hope this helps, Smooth

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If your output file is a quicktime movie then you can just send this file, ie,

If you output using Ptviewer, then you need the html page (ie, 360_pan.html), the image file (image.jpg)  and the ptviewer, so it is best to zip all these in a folder first,.

Be aware that the recipient will need to have a Java enabled browser (most are) however if for some reason the image cant be seen I would suggest that this is the reason. (type JVM into a search engine if you dont understand my point)

Hope this helps

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