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360 Hotspots

Hello - fairly new to posting here.  Have used Panoweaver quite a bunch but am new to PTViewer.  My question is - Is there a way to change the text for each scene in a PTViewer tour utizing hotspots?  For instance - scene one is front door (Text would say something like - Click on the blue Hotspot to enter the home) Next scene in lobby would say something like - Click on the blue Hotspot to enter the kitchen - etc.)



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Hi Strudel,

   Search or Look up a topic I posted May 12, 2002 last years records... Topic Title "How to add pop up text to hot spots." Posted by me bixvid. Seaman the co-creater of PTViewer and creater of Panoweaver answered the posting. He references a link there to the originators web site prof. Helmut Dirsh that may or may not be still active. I hope it helps you more than it did me I was in the process of stching a massive project and never had time to look up the further instuctions. It looked to me that I had to work at the scripting level and I'm a GUI guy. Good Luck!
Hope it helps.

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I have a working alternative to those who want to give it a go. I'll call it "info panel".

make sure your PTViewer applet looks like this (minimum) note: name must be "ptviewer" and mayscript="true".

<applet name="ptviewer" archive="ptviewer.jar" code="ptviewer.class" width="320" height="240" mayscript="true">

<param name="file" value="yourimage.jpg">

<param name="mousehs" value="mousehs">

<param name="getview" value="getview">

<param name="hotspot0" value=" X93 Y56 n'Click the white spot to enter the home' c'ffffff' u'javascript:hotspotInfo(hotspot0)' q ">

now in the <head> of the page place the following javascript:

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"><!--

// the actual text for the infoPanel

var hotspot0 = "Click the white spot to enter the home"

function hotspotInfo(str){

document.getElementById('info').innerText = str;



function clearInfo(){

if (document.getElementById('info').innerText!=""){





function mousehs(n) {

if( n== -1 ){



var str = "hotspot"+n;





function getview(p,t,f) {




Now where you want the info to show up on the page place the following tag:

<div id="info" style="width:150px"></div>

Thats it. Works on all IE4+, Netscape does not cooperate with this method.

Happy coding!

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