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I could do with a few tips too - mine always come out quite fuzzy in a car (see here (although I do keep file sizes to a max of  about 1Mb. Any chance of a work flow summary?



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Heres my attepmt at a car pano

I shot it on a a fuji s3 pro using a sigma f8 fsiheye lens and a MRotater brakcet.

Also I shot varying exposures to get an HDR style shot (exposing for shadows midtones and highlights then shopping them together THEN stitching)

But as you can see the quality is no where near that of the first poster.

How can I achieve simlar results??

Other info: ISO @ 400
reso @ 6MP

(note: I use 360 stuff for my work - I am a CSI - We are just testing the gear at the minute and this is also the reason that the car is not clean inside and has a smashed windo in the back etc etc and why the tripod is not removed)

Cheers for any help

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Looks good!

You need to drop 1 or 2 F/Stops when shooting the "up" shot to keep the colour consistent. But all in all it is very good.

Just a point on your ISO setting. In this perticular situation there in no need for you to up the ISO because nothing is going to move in the panorama. To compansate for the light you just need a longer exsporure time. This will keep the grain down.

Markus (the original thread starter) has sharpened his pano correctly using and he has also "faked" in the outside using another panorama image using Photoshop masks on all the windows. Also running ISOx Pro with you final image will help a great deal and WP Pro is a great image downsizer.

Regards, Smooth

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hey there, markus, or anyone - can someone give me a bit of advice on how to create the menu select function used in markus' link?

Looked at the source but couldnt work it out

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