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Great idea ... but

I downloaded the demo and fiddled about with it.

* Easy to use
* Added marketing tool for customers
* Competetive with Ipix product services

* Not easily customizable!
* Agent info not easily seen by users.
* Not enough choices for window size. Only 3!

This product would be great if it allowed the user to customize the entire enviroment--outputting to a template-based HTML file. The whole skin thing seems confusing to those that aren't graphic artist or not as familiar with photoshop. An easy, image by image interface would help. The current skin configuration does not allow for custom branding. This is essential! I guess it could be incorprated into a skin ... but again, creating skins takes the talents for a graphics guru. Perhaps an easy-to-use browse button incorporated into the interface could superimpose logos onto the skin design?

Real-estate agent info is not easily found. Why not have in the same window as the VT? Again, another customizable problem.

In short: Great idea ... but needs a little work in the customer branding/customizability arena.

What do you guys think?






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I also downloaded, plus found that the pictures were badly distorted/pixelated, Virtual Tour .EXE has a long way to go compared to the excellent image rendering in 3dvista .exe packer which comes FOC with the Studio Suite which comes @ $199 (I think) for Pano sticher and exe packer. This makes this utility a bit over priced Seaman at $199 even with a 20% discount !!

Plus the finished EXE has huge program overhead, I packaged the 3 trial images which came out at 1.21MB - much to large. I'm ashamed to admit it but I've been using I**x e-brochure to pack 4 panos, html file pt viewer.jar plus ptviewer images into about  456kb  which is much more exceptable for emailing, plus allows you to use your usual custom pt viewer settings.

Sorry Seaman I had high hopes for this one , but it doesn't light my fire yet !!!

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The pictures were badly distorted/pixelated mainly because the default FOV value (70) is not the approriate one, if you change it to 100, you will find that it will be much better.

Easypano Exe Viewer will only add extra 150K to the panoramic images. For example, if the file size of three jpg files are 300K, the viewer will be 450k or so. If you use the same panos to test our software with others, you will find that our software do a good job in saving file size.

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I also noticed that the pictures come out very distorted/pixelated. Is this because of the lack of variation for viewer size? Or is this because it's a demo? My guess is that because the program is forcing the VT pic to conform to the preset viewer sizes.  It's kind of  like resizing an image via HTML instead of in photoshop--it will distort the image.

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Big turn off is the fact that you can only customize the buttons to navigate the tour. and even then, they must be placed in the order x y they predesigned it for.

You can't customize any other layout to the left or right of viewer .

If you added the exe option to tourweaver,  you will have a winner1