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New restaurant and bar photos

More a work in progress...

We're reworking the content and there's some slight ghosting on this gallery but we're quite proud of the results.

We've had trouble with the nodal point but are gradually getting there.
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Hi Sparrow,

I did take a look at your work. On the images where I could tilt full down and see the tripod head.. you could see the mismatches. I think your slight ghosting is caused by the nodal point offset.  At the moment I could not tell if you are ahead or behind the exact postion.  You might consider trying to get it exactly on point within 1 mm. Yes it is that critical.

What type of camera/ lens and panorama head are you using to create your panoramas?

Also are you adjusting your camera white balance for the lighting type in the scene?  Not setting the camera will produce flourescents create green/blue images.  Incandescent or Tungsten setting will produce red/ orange images.  

Where you have MIXed light sources like natural light from outside windows, incandescent from table lamps and  flourescent lighting in overhead ceilings, suggest using a piece of white printer paper - point your camera to the paper on the floor [reflecting all light sources] and have your camera "Learn reflected White" under the White balance camera menu option.  BESURE TO RESET the white balance when you move to another room with different lighting.

You should be proud of your images on your web site.  Very professional.


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