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Can I add hotspots???

Now I kinda like the concept of this exe package. Here some questions:
Can I load 2d images as well as panos?
What about Hotspots so as to access product info on say a seperate pop up or even on within the skin.
My interest lays in producing a virtual cataloge for a bathroom showroom. The client should be able to do a walk around (ie pano to pano) and then say click on a hotspot to a given bathroom as he "walks" along the corridor. This bathroom (another pano) should have click back to corridor and also have a hotspot to click so as to access some product info. Is this possible? Or is it just a bundling package for a number of pano's???
Also is there the possibility to add an image map that constantly is shown... or can I just add a static floor plan seperatly?

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VT.exe can just bundle panos together. Hopefully future versions will allow the addition of 2d images etc. I've found it good for producing hi-res full screen versions for emailing.