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Don't you think the price is a little high if 3-shot stitching isn't included?  Nearly all this functionality was included with Panoweaver 2.4, you just slapped a UI on it.  Since I currently only stitch using 3 images (live in the US), this wouldn't be of much use to me.  What's my reason to "upgrade", again?


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it is pricey, you are paying for convienience.

Hope That Helps

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La verdad que si se pasaron bastante con el precio, pero aquí seguro lo conseguis a un precio de risa, casi rozando lo gratis, porque la descarga si es gratis.

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Honestly, I think it's a bit pricey, but it's still a great tool. I know some other cheaper alternatives, but we never know what kind of support we will get and if it will fit our needs.

I'm pretty satisfied and have no complaints at all!

Andre Jones