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Is there a limit to the size of a project

Hello all,

well having purchased the virtual tour suite I already have my first largish project to work with.

Create a virtual tour along six streets (approx 30-50 panos)
link with hotspots to url's
Background music throughout (Is there the possibility to have a continual tune throughout the tour or does the music load on each pano??? HHmm I think I know the answer to that already myself... ie seperate tune linked to the whole.
Oh yeah... around thirty business's linked via hotspot along the way of the virtual town tour. Each possibly with there own tour embedded in their home site.
Map the whole lot as well.

Ha... I've not even posted a pano yet nor do I have much Java/Html/webdesign knowledge. I do have a man who does though. A bit of partnership never goes amiss.

Anyhow... is there a limit on the amount of hotspots I can link???
What other main considerations should I worry about?

Btw: it was the virtual tour exe that awoke the interest in this project.

Thx Easypano for that tool. High qual full screen panos.
If anybody would like to see a couple I've made on EXE... let me know.
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Hi phoenixrising,

I'm guessing you don't plan to put this pano on the web?

File size will be "huge" by the sound's of it!

Sounds interesting though.

Regards, Smooth