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Ferrari maranello 575

I have been working on this project. It's a ferrari maranello 575 on wich i have erased all the windows and replaced them with some nice background!
Tell me what you think

Math in QC
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Could you tell me how you change the backgrounds?



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simple, just overlay you car pano over you background pano, on seperate layers, in Photoshop or similar and erase the windows. You can also use masks etc to look like you've got tinted window etc..
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I like the pano of the car but think you could have chosen a better background pano.

I tell you why. In a Ferrari you usually sit about 2-3 feet of the ground. You have replaced the background with a image that was taken 5 feet of the ground.

This is why the car looks elevated. Just move your background image up a bit and you will get a more realistic look.



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