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The home of an alleged fraudster

 Here's my most recent tour which has an interesting story.

Disgraced governors lavish SA hideaway up for sale

Nigerian officials R9-million Waterfront flat will be sold off by the authorities

"While many people have private security cars patrolling their area, the former governors exclusive neighbourhood on the marina is patrolled by security speedboats"

DIEPREYE Alamieyeseigha paid more than R9-million for a luxury penthouse with a view of Table Mountain, a private pool, underfloor heating and expensive Italian furniture but earned less than R8000 a month.

The Sunday Times has established that the Cape Town hideaway of the disgraced Nigerian governor is going under the hammer to get back the millions he allegedly stole from the Nigerian government.

It has emerged that Alamieyeseigha had an impressive property collection, owning lavish homes around the globe, mostly in Britain.

The former governor of the oil-rich Nigerian state Bayelsa was arrested at Londons Heathrow Airport in September last year and charged with money-laundering. He was granted 1.25-million bail and, in a daring escape, he fooled airport officials by dressing in a traditional African womans outfit, and hopped on a plane to Nigeria in November last year.

He had close to 1-million in dollars and euros locked away in his bedroom in his London home. British police found the money after his arrest.

His luck ran out when he was impeached and arrested shortly after la

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Interesting story indeed.