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Pre load Image?

What is the difference between pre loading or not pre loading an image?

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Hmm in the applet script the term preloading means that if you have a tour containing 5 panoramas you would include in that <param  each file that is used in the tour... 'downloaded in the background' as the visitor is viewing the first panorama.

param  preload file1.jpg, file2.jpg, file3.jpg, file4.jpg file5.jpg

Now these images are now in the visitors cache.  As the visitor moves from file1 to file2... the applet then looks for the already downloaded image on the visitors machine browser cache.  The file2.jpg loads fast when its local.

The alternative loading single image is the default.  As the visitor clicks on the selected pano.. that image is downloaded.  Click on file2.jpg that image is then downloaded.

Hope that makes sense.


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