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Touch Screens and PTViewer


I've never worked with ptviewer, other than look through the code several times. Nonetheless, I'm tasked with determining the probability of fixing a hotspot issue with a particular application.

I'm running this ptviewer application on a touch-screen pc. Unlike the reaction to a typical mouse click event on a hotspot, it takes several taps of a stylus on a touch screen to initiate the same action. First, my guess is that there's no code for handling "pen-down"/"pen-up" events in ptviewer. Am I wasting my time in attempting to figure out how to emulate a mouse click on a touch screen and have it react the same way?

Thanks for any responses!


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There is a new software to play inmersive pictures on the net. Built in Java, works in any computer and any operating system. No plugIn required in your computer to browse ADN pictures. Please, take a look at this examples:
ADN offers some advantage in front other systems:
- Panorama Encryption
- Works in Java, Director and Authorware
- HotSpots to link from one panorama to others, or other webs.
- Advanced scripts to control viewer and audio in real time.
- Animated panorama creation from picture sequence.
- PlugIn for 3D Studio MAX to create panoramas.
Zenit invites you to play some of our projects:
We have an aplication totally free to create your own navigations.
Thanks for your attention,

Ricard Serra


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We are creating a World Directory of immersive stuff (see other topic) and would like to have some of your tours on board if possible.  Take a look at the Virtual World Tours site to see what we are trying to achieve.

The other half of the site is involved with creating and hosting commercial tours for our clients.  I would like to know more about your technology if possible.

Hope to hear soon.


Bob Powell
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Hmmm is this really a Ptviewer Scripter topic?  Am I missing something??




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Exist a special topic to inform about new free viewers?

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Hi AJ,

can't help u myself, but it might be worth having a chat with the folks over at panotools on yahoo groups who seem to have quite a good handle on PTviewer.
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Thanks. I'll do that.