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Is this software still used?

I have a need to create standalone, executable virtual tours. Is this the best software for this purpose? From the posts, it has been out a number of years, but the lack of, and age of the posts concerns me.

Also, does this software require Panoweaver? I currently use another product for my web tours and wondered if I would need to switch to Pano's viewer in order to use this.
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This is the only software that produces an self contained .exe file for full screen use that I can think of that is supported. Albeit with limitations! It is solely for displaying completed panorama images. You still need to stitch the images with Panoweaver software.

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The software is usefull when you have to show samples (without maps) to customers. THey don't need to use thier browser or navigate through folders.
The main concern with this sodtware, in my opinion, is that is still has a help link which leads to (I wish it was brand free like in the updated TW2.0)