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How to add pop up text to hot spots?

HI Forum,

  Does anybody have any input on how to  add "pop up hints" text to the hot spots targets that pop on when you toggle the targets on or when you mouse over the hot spot? If you could point me in the direction of any tutorials it would be great! Thanks all for any and all input!  

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Refer to the following description in PTViewer documentation.

i'name' - name of image to be displayed when hotspot is activated. Must be gif or jpeg, and will be shown centered at hotspot location. Instead of an image, any of the ptviewer commands can be specified. This command will be executed when the mouse enters the hotspot region. Example:
<PARAM name=hotspot6 value="  x776  y124  n'Lamp' i'ptviewer:PlaySound(0)' u'Controls.html'  ">
For more  information, refer to

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