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When stiching you must...

Just a  note when stiching in pano pro -  in prep for web and Autorun exe. I  utilize the exe program huge! I find when I sell a client on the web tours that I can sell them on the auto - run cd's. I have done so for many companies but recently realized that you have to "double stich".  It starts in pano pro when you are  bringing the image together - there is a cd,web dial up, broadband and other drop down menu option. For the longest time I have been bringing in the images's - stiching them together under dial up and publishing, then I go back and switch the formatt to CD and publish them to a different folder for later auto run - NO can't do that! When you stich for web dial up and publish - you must go back and change to CD then hit the stich button again - then it will realize the cd image - then you can publish! Otherwise you get a bad wavey auto-run tour! Just sharing - any thoughts out there?


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Go the other way. I tend to always produce a cd version bmp file (3000x1500) and use that as my base picture. I then tend to make the cd version a 2000x1000 and the web version a 1400x700 jpg version. each i do in photoshop. ie:

import image, image size down to 2000x1000 do any sharpening and save down to a resonable level so that I don't have a huge file. Then using history, I just go back to the base 3000x1500 bmp and image size down to 1400x 700 and the rest as stated. I've actually got this as a photoshop action so that I can automate the workflow.

I hope that helps

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