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panorama menu?

Does anyone know if it is possible to add a menu of links to specific panoramas within a virtual tour created with the scripter?

I want to have a list of links in the left hand frame which allow people to go directly to each panorama if they want, rather than using the hotspots.

Any examples? Thanks!
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Project "Digital.Tallinn"
Interactive Virtual Tour in capital of Estonia - Tallinn city. 360-degree panoramas and photography.

Hotel Kubija -> Panoramas

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Sure and here is one more..

The toolbar takes the visitor to the selected image.




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Does anyone know how to insert a menu (like in html) without using javascript.
I like this kind of menu but I use it outside of the applet. It's a way to do but perhaps to use only one html page would be lighter.

Sorry for my english, check what I mean with watching this example, click to the castle link in the page : 

lucien letellier