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OT | 10 Years

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to share with you some recent non-pano news.

I received my lapel pin and award for ten years of service at work this week. My mother had asked me if someone would be photographing the special event, I chuckled and said no. In an effort not to disappoint my mother I headed to my bonus room studio to capture the event.

Equipment used:
Canon 40D
EF 28-135 Lens
2 AB 800 Flash Units; Main to camera left fired through brawley. Second used as fill to camera right.

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Congrats Matt,

You must be very proud of your achievement.

Your Mum will be very happy with the Photograph and you should should feel proud of the result. Even if they did supply a photographer the result would never have been as good anyway. You yanks sure have funny names for a spare room. LOL

Regards, Smooth

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