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Help on Pano's to .exe

Hi Guy's 'n' girls

Has anybody found a good solution for packaging around 4 pano's in a .exe file ??

Have tried plenty ...mediapacker, html compiler....etc but most don't work with pano's due to bad java support. have got multimedia builder to work but the compression is poor.

I know we should be getting it on Panoweaver/PTscripter soon, (any idea when seaman ???) but need I need a solution within next couple of weeks.

thanks any help appreciated





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Thanks Willem,

Have tried this one before, and think I'll have to settle on it, however compression is very poor around 850kb for 4 panos + ptviewer. Have spoken to Sunil the program author and he admits program has "high overhead" previous version 4.0 had a compression utility incorporated which saved around 200kb, however that conflicted with Norton Anti Virus, so the latest version 4.22 has no compression. So I'm on the hunt for version 4.0 !!

Once again thanks !!





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I have used HTML Executable with success. It packs everything up into a single .exe file, that when fired, extracts all files into a temp folder and uses IE or your default browser to show the Tours. And the additional overhead is negligible.


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Hi Sparkey,

There's one program that works great. Goto and look for Activ E-Book compiler.

Good luck!